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As I was driving to drop-off this morning I was thinking about Elder Ballard’s talk and thinking how they are taking as though God would talk to us, and I was so touched to realized that God knows exactly how I feel, and how he cares about moms of young kids, knowing our work is hard but important.
Then I was thinking that I wish all of us had that list to help us, I appreciate the list he gave, and while I wasn’t taking notes (I was working on a blanket, thank you very much) I am excited to get the ensign and make a vinyl cling of whatever I’m supposed to do. :)
Anyway, this week I want to think of my own list, most likely to add to his. My first one being that being a mother takes a village. I’m not saying that the village is raising my kids but I go to the village when I have a problem.
I am SO lucky (and most likely, as are you) to have a vast array of friends who come from different backgrounds. I often go to them when I have problems with the kiddos or issues. I also have my blog where I pose questions and often get great responses.
So my tip for today is to talk with a friend. Sometimes the best thing is to realize that you child isn’t the only one who wakes-up at night, lies, steals, is dishonest, talks back, etc. And you MIGHT even find that they’ve done something with their child that has WORKED! Far too often, especially as women, we don’t want to admit that our children aren’t perfect or that life doesn’t come to us with ease. That’s just crazy talk.
If you feel like you don’t have the friend base, you need to make one. Be outgoing, find the moms around you. They want to be your friend, don’t be shy.
Anyway, that’s my thoughts for the day. I’d love to know your tips for getting through motherhood.

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  1. says

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I wish that we were more willing to admit when we need help or are having a problem.

    I think that TOGETHER we can solve all of life’s problems, but so often, the first step is admitting that there is a problem! (I know, sounds like therapy.)

    I think we should take every opportunity to help each other, but also to take help when it’s needed.

  2. says

    Your tips are great. I was able to open up about my own struggles with my youngest to my sister, who I knew wouldn’t judge me for my less than stellar behavior with him at times. She was the primo example of how to help….listened, offered concrete suggestions and encouragement. I hope I can be that for someone.

  3. says

    I know I often feel so much better after talking with someone. Sometimes I think my kids are the only ones who are (fill in the blank) and it is always nice to know that we all have the same, or similar, issues.

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