I don’t transform, and I don’t have a bed in my temple.

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K, just wanted to say that WHOEVER INVENTED TRANSFORMERS IS EVIL. My kids ALWAYS want my help and I don’t know how to do it, and they get mad, and my “coolness” factor is significantly decreased, it bugs. And Drew seems to want to buy them more. Must be a boy thing. {sigh}
In other news, I think our church needs a copyright on our name and we can’t let anyone who does polygamy use it. OMG, these reports on the news are disgusting and vile (even worse then the transformer people, if you can imagine). Each time they say the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I get sick. I would like to state categorically that these are not a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They are a “break-off” the same way that Hilary Clinton is related to Madonna and Angelina Jolie. We do not allow polygamy in our church. We’re not kidding about it. I know many non-members who think, “yeah, sure you don’t.” But really those who practice polygamy are immediately taken out of the church through a process called excommunication. End of story. Also, the stories of the bed in their temple (which is designed to look something like our temple — although not NEARLY as nice) — is DISGUSTING and we have NOTHING like that in our own temples. Sex is not a religious rite in our church. Just had to get that off my chest. Personally, I believe there is a special section in hell where the fires burn the hottest (no, we don’t believe Hell is full of fire either — just a metaphor) for men who hold religion as a way to rule over women and children. The women who escaped, are brave, and hopefully we can all help them to heal an integrate into society. If anyone knows of a fund for these women who are choosing to leave I’d love to donate. Can you imagine — married at 14, with no real workplace “skills” not to mention they probably have a bunch of kids as well? {sigh} Good luck to them.
And one last thing I have to blog about — guess who’s just overweight now. BMI of 29.8 – which is .2 less then being obese. This is over 25 pounds lost at this point….
{happy dance}

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    You are awesome. With the weight loss.

    And thanks for clarifying. I haven’t even read much of the polygamist stuff because I think it’s so awful.

  2. says

    25 lbs–cool! That’s great.

    TOTALLY agree with the copyright thing. Although, they go back so far, I think it might not work. have you read Escape? It’s a riveting book by Carolyn Jessop. Her ex-husband is the one in charge of the YFZ ranch in Texas. Anyway, she mentions in her book a federal program called Safe Passage for women trying to escape from polygamy. She also mentions a guy named Dan Fisher who I think has set up a foundation to help the Lost Boys. That info probably doesn’t help too much, but there it is.

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    25 lbs…wow, way to go girl!

    I’m so with you about the sick polygamy stuff. Thanks for setting the record straight. I read that story on the front page of our local paper a few days ago and wanted to vomit. At least in our paper the last line made it clear that the Fundamentalist Church was in no way connected to our church. Whew!

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