Me and my ‘Puter

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So, I LOVE the new computer.
I am a person who likes to have about 12 tasks going at once, and GUESS WHAT — my computer doesn’t CARE!!!!!!!!!!
It’s a quad processor, from HP, in case anyone cares. I am thinking we’ll probably even add some Ram as the days go on, to even help it cope a little faster.
However, we got the 64 bit version (Drew’s request) and frankly — I wish we’d gotten the 32 bit until they have a few more programs that have 64 bit drivers, etc.
However, I’m just giddy as of right now.
Can’t wait to edit some video and photos. I’m sure it’s gonna cut my editing time in 1/2 (and most likely doing laudry WHILE editing — because it was so slow — is a thing of the past).

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  1. says

    Jealous. I want my editing time cut in half. And I’m pretty sure my slow editing time is SLOWER than your previously slow time.

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