Me, taking my temperature….

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Had my yearly exam yesterday, no pap smear for me thanks to my monogomous relationship and a negative HPV test. Still had to check out my other womanly’s though, for masses, etc. Lucky me.
She was VERY happy over my 25 pound weight loss (and I’m back down to where I was before Disneyland, phewsh… how can a girl gain 3 pounds from WALING for 5 days STRAIGHT?), and said that would most likely assist in the baby making process.
I’m going to try the cheapest of all the ovulation tests and make a basal temperature chart. I’m hoping I can remember to do it every AM when my little eyelids open… we’ll see. Has anyone else ever done this, or is there a place to get cheap ovulation tests? My friend Lara swears that the dollar store pregnancy test are the BEST, I was wondering if they have an ovulation counterpart. Mostly we’re wanting to see if I have any pattern to my life, so my temperature I’ll be a takin’.
ETA: My temp this AM was 96.0… that’s not even on my little chart. It goes down to 96.5 or something. {sigh} I’m a freak (really, no comments on that one people).

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  1. says

    We did the whole take the temperature thing with both Mikayla and the twins.

    I was able to figure out that I wasn’t ovulating…so onto the drugs.

    But we never did do ovulation tests…have you checked costco?

  2. says

    Ovulation tests test the Leutinizing hormone, which since I have PCOS, I have tons of because my body is trying to make me ovulate, but even with all the LH I don’t necessarily ovulate every month. Better to take the temps to really know.

  3. says

    hi! I read your blog but we’ve never met. I bought my ovo strips at dollar store for one prego and rite aid for another. i always buy preg tests at dollar store. i asked my pharmacist at rite aid and he said they should all work with same accuracy as long as there not expired. never had any problems. #3 in our family came over 4 years after #2. used ovo kit and went on glucophage. best of luck!

  4. says

    I Didn’t do the temp taking because my cycles are really far apart and random. Who could stand to take their temperature for 12 weeks with only one result maybe. Dr. just did blood work.

  5. says

    Hey my Sis n law has been taking temp for a while now and doing strand test (I know gross but supposed to help tell if you are at your peak of ovulation) She does not seem to be keeping track well but also not that in touch with medical stuff anyway which you have an upper hand on. She is now on clomed sp? I do know that ovu test seem to be pretty expensive. Hope it works for you. Oh yeah and Nephi here we come.

  6. says

    LOVE the pregancy tests at dollar store–seriously, everyone else must be making so much on those things. Nice that you have a female ob. My temp is always low, too. If it gets to 98, it’s because I’m sick. Good luck w/remembering to take your temp. Hope you have good results w/o too much more waiting.

  7. says

    A really good read that helped me get pregnant was Taking Charge of your fertility. According to them, “using simple fertility signs including peaks in morning body temperature and changes in cervical position and cervical mucus, it’s possible to determine when ovulation is taking place.” Thus, no need for the ovulation tests. It’s a very thorough book and will help with all the questions you have about thermometers, etc. Of course, after using this method, I found out that I just wasn’t ovulating, and went on to use clomid. But it’s a great system for both fertility and natural contraception (not to be confused with the rhythm method).

  8. Erin Bingham says

    We also did the temperature thing, and the ovulation kits. I cannot think of a cheap place to get that stuff. The ovulation kits are spendy. When we were trying to get pregnant for 3 years I thought I should start buying stock in pregnancy tests and such stuff, since I was buying so much of it. We ended up at the fertility specialist, and found out I have PCOS. We took Clomid and one round of IUI, and we got Katie. BTW the Clomid in Mexico is tons cheaper (I think we paid $5), and it worked.

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