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There’s no doubt about it, education in CA is screwed-up and while our family is doing our little part to improve that, I thought I might share a few of my thoughts today.

1. The budget the “govenator” has set forth has a LARGE cut to education coming up. While we aren’t losing any teachers in our district this year we are going to have to cut a LOT. I am making difference by calling our legislators — and you can too. If you live by me the 3 are:

  • Elaine Alquist: 286-8318
  • Jim Beall: 282-8920
  • Sally Lieber: (650-210-2000

urge them to NOT let these budget cuts pass, to not pass our deficit onto our children. I also mentioned I would not be voting for them next election if this was to pass. I urge you guys to call, it’s a quick thing you can do while cleaning, etc. and can make a big difference.

2. I thought I’d mention once again that we’re coming to the end of the year and our teachers continue to work without a contract. They met yesterday to discuss things they can do to end negotiations and get a contract signed. They include picketing during the times they are not on contract (btw, Drew spends about 2 hours after his contract hours every day after school — this is not to mention the other times when he spends HOURS AND HOURS beyond his contract, and I know he’s not the only one — he really wants these kids to succeed), only working their contract (which will cut down on prep for our children’s classes, as well as anything they’re doing after school). These are things that will most likely not affect our kids too much, but they will affect them. It makes me sad that Conner’s teacher has to think about this instead of concentrating on him and his classmates. Just something for you guys to think about.

3. This one’s just an FYI. Did you know that in our district we take the “star” test every year, it is mandated by the government and costs a LOT of money — does the government pay for it? No, it just comes out of our regular budget (which is being cut). We’re talking almost 70 dollars/child to administer and grade the tests (which is not done by the district, they are required to send them out). We do that EVERY YEAR to these kids. That’s not to mention the 2 weeks these teachers have to use to prep the kids to take the tests when they could be doing more important/useful/fun things. I can’t even imagine all the neat things our kids could do with the extra 70 dollars. Anyway, “no child is left behind” because of this — they all are (yes, this is part of that program).

Anyway, those are my thoughts today. Give your teachers a hug and let them know how much you appreciate them. Each year the funding decreases, and yet the teachers fill in the gaps. It’s not fair people, it just isn’t fair.

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    We are messed up as a society when our highest paid people are “stars” who do nothing, and our lowest paid are teachers who do so much!

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