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So, last night with aunt flo, plus I was sick. Well, let’s just say I gained a point in total when I weighed-in this morning. I am, by no means, bummed. It was hard to eat consciously when I was sick and I know that my water balance goes a little screwy with both of those fun things.
Anyway, I am back on the wagon today. I didn’t watch last night’s episode, but it’s on my DVR just WAITING for me. It’s on increasing my metabolism. I’m interested to hear what he has to say. I do lose a lot more on the day I’m working out lately….
Speaking of working out — today I did total body workout. It’s on BYU-tv. Some of you might get that at your homes! She does Yoga on Mon/Wed and Fri’s – -but on Tues/Thursday she explores some other methods. Today we were working out on paper plates and it was new movements for me, working some new muscles. I highly recommend the program. She also often has pregnant women on the show and they give good modifications. If you don’t get it at home, you can watch it on your computer. I think BYU tv saves the episodes that were on that week for you to watch at your convenience.
My goal for the week? I’m gonna be NOT obese by the end of the week (according to my BMI) — just overweight. I’m really close…. Go me. :)

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