Parenting Tip #3

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Ok, you can mock me if you will — but my tip for today (based on Elder Ballard’s Young Mother Talk) is : Rotate Your Toys.
Now, this isn’t going to help you guys who have newborns, but even once your little one is about a year old this is a GREAT plan, it helps you in two way:
1. Less toys out means less to put away, and that is going to make you happier and your child. Plus, during certain developmental stages, all they want to do is just pull EVERY SINGLE THING out, that’s their fun. And this way you can, without wanting to pull your hair out.
2. When you bring them out it’s like Christmas! The kids have forgotten that they had the toys, they’re so happy to see them, and you get some extended play time.
Now, this isn’t to say that this is not a pain. We store our extra toys in the garage, and we have enough to make full rotations, but you can easily do this on a smaller scale. If you have a smaller house (and let’s not pretend like mine is HUGE — we’re talking less than 1200 sq feet here people) you could still make it work by having some up in the closet, and some down low where they can play. I swap our bins about every 6 weeks, and I swap the toys in our cabinet about every 6 weeks, alternating so that we have new toys about every 3 weeks. Lucky us.
Again, mock if you will — but it works well. Give it a try. :)
In other news, I am .1 pounds away from not being Obese anymore.
{happy dance}
Edit: Does anyone know if there’s something I can put on my ring to size it down. I don’t want to take it to the jeweler’s at this point, but it’s really too big. It’s upside down about 1/2 of the time with the diamond in my palm… Isn’t there some jelly-like thing you can slip on it to size it down a bit? And where do I get something like that?

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  1. says

    go you on the weight!

    And, I don’t mock. But I just don’t see myself rotating toys, although I know it would probably be awesome.

  2. says

    0.1 pounds! awesome! What are you doing & how are you dealing w/not eating all the fun stuff? Byron and I are trying to lose weight, even just for this month, but just knowing I can’t have the yummy stuff makes me want it more.

    Rotating toys–sounds like a good idea if I could get organized enough to do it.

  3. says

    I love the idea of rotating the toys, but have never taken the time to separate them into two groups. It woudl probably make sense to clean them whenever they get rotated out, too. I’ll probably do this soon.

  4. says

    Love the toy rotation…and I’m not mocking in ANY way! Every time we clean out the toybox the kids see/find toys that were buried way down deep that they’d forgotten about and are thrilled! The next time I clean it I’m going to take half of them away. thanks for the idea!

    Way to go…. .1 lb! We watched the “think of something nasty while you pinch your thumb and middle finger together” episode and I thought it all made a lot of sense. We finish our hard core 90 day workout/nutrition program on Sunday so I’m thinking I”ll implement this guys’ ideas to maintain the weight. Really…way to go! Is that why your ring is too big???

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