Sweet Savings

Alright, sweet deal at the Safeway, my friend Miranda was even gutsy enough to come with me even though I hadn’t confirmed the deal. :)
Classico pasta sauce is on sale, for 2$ — which is actually my target price for pasta sauce, it’s a pretty decent price on it all on its own.
Then, I found-out that it’s on the Smart Savings deal, where if you buy 30$ worth, you get a 10$ coupon off your next order.
THEN, I re-read the ad, to figure out that if you buy 3 jars of the classico, you get 3 free bags of Safeway Pasta….
SO, here’s how it rang-up.
Classico 15 jars, for 30$
Pasta, 15 bags — free
Total: 30 dollars
Also recieved a 10 dollar catalina, making it like getting 15 jars and the pasta for about 20 bucks.
BUT WAIT, there’s MORE!!!! You can print two Classico coupons here:
http://www.classico.com/promotions/promointro.aspx (use your back button after it’s printed one — or you can go back and fill in your info for another one, you can print 2 — but that’s the limit per computer — however, if you’re sly you could get your husband to print you a couple at work, etc).
That brings your total to around 18 dollars for all of that (when you consider the 10 dollars in savings off your next order).
{happy dance}
And make sure you use the super coupon for sliced cheese that’s in the ad this week — it’s a full pound of cheese (they had american, swiss or pepper jack, regularly 7.99 — you get it for 2.49) — that’s better then you’d find it in blocks even. :)
Feel the savings joy.

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    Your tip ended up helping me after all…We had Classico sauce on sale this week (although no free pasta, sadly) so I knew to get some coupons! :)

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