This pretty-well sums it up

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This is pretty-much what I’ve been doing the last week…….

You’d think Drew thought he won the olympics after this Buzz lightyear run (we probably did it at LEAST 3 times each of the 5 days we were at Disneyland). People, he was in the top 10 for the PARK that day. Check him out. More later, I seriously need a shower. :)
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    Impressive blog…you even have ads. I’ve heard of people making money from those ads. Does that really happen? You are a blogging expert, and it sounds like you are a shopping guru too! I have friends that go grocery shopping using coupons, etc and get things for free. I really want to learn how to do that. I guess I need to be more patient, get the coupons, and watch the ads. I do buy cereal only when it is $1.00 at Albertsons or Smith’s. I love those deals!
    Can I add you to my links? Do you like to go by a certain name, on the links?

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    Go Drew! Glad you’re back, and glad you’re taking a shower.

    I did my photo thing at the masquerade ball tonight…I also sang at it. I am amazing.

    I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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    Troy would like some Buzz Lightyear tips…how did Drew get such a high score?

    He would like specifics…could you have Drew send an e-mail. (Men. sheesh.)


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