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So, Drew ordered the trombone of his dreams –quite some time ago. And it came, and that’s what I was referring to in the last post. We did ORDER a case, they decided to just pack it up and ship it with bubble wrap. Now, I’ll remind you all that we’ve been saving for almost an entire year for this trombone so all my savings flying across the US with just a very flimsy cardboard box and some bubble wrap at its disposal makes me very nervous.
However, it was unharmed.
I can not say the same for the supervisor who was able to speak with me this AM about our missing case. Needless to say it’s coming to us UPS 2 day (I wanted overnight, but I gave in — I am a pansy). Until then, we have the office locked. I’m even nervous to go in there.
But it’s here, and Drew’s over joyed — now to send a copy of our receipt to the insurance company.

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  1. says

    You definitely had a bone to pick with them…hee hee.

    Glad you got it figured out. And very glad that Drew’s overjoyed. Joel would just love a new trumpet, but he doesn’t play enough so I don’t think he should have one.

  2. says

    WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Seriously, I am shocked that it was unharmed. DO THEY KNOW WHAT CASES ARE FOR? ok, so that’s so bad that it is a little funny. . . except for the supervisor.

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