Big Day Off

I hate to say it — normally in my head I’m dreading the days Conner has off — but I must admit that I LOVE not having to take him to school. It’s so nice to have a lazy morning.

When I remember days off as a kid, I always remember my mom having SEVERAL jobs set for us. So, I’ve planned a few of those and we’ve also got a trip to the park on the docket. Word on the street that the tree trimmers are coming today. The kids will love watching that (I’m sure they will love the audience checking out their every move).

Some of you might have seen the fires here in the Bay area. While it is close to us, it’s not near us… thankfully. My prayers go out to those people.

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  1. says

    I LOVE not having to drive Joshy to school anymore. Freedom!

    And next year, he will take the bus to school. Woo hoo.

  2. says

    Wow, Friday AND Monday off? Lucky ducks! Just getting you broken in for summer! I’ve really got to start thinking about that and getting some plans in place! What are your genius ideas for summer?

  3. says

    I get to have lazy mornings for several months now. So ready for that. :)

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend.