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Ok, I give up — I have NO idea how moms work.
I’m working 3 shifts this week (which, is what I worked regularly when Conner was little) and I’m giving up on life. I had NO will to work out this AM, I’m feeling very behind, and although I still was able to watch Paula A on DVR last night, I’m feeling like I am always doing something…
So, snaps to you moms who work.
I’m off for a while after this, and I will need it. :)

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    I’ve been working 4 days a week all semester and it’s killed me. I try to think of it in hours, but the fact is, if I work even an hour one day it makes that day harder.

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    How much do you usually work? At least you’re getting hours–that’s a good thing, right? I’ve been getting put on-call for the past month, which is not helping our budget. . .

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