Tuesday, May 06, 2008

FHE report

Last night Drew chose to do his FHE lesson on the Mother's Who Know talk by Sister Beck.
Even though it's a bit beating a dead horse I hope the kids got a little realization of all that I do, and the ways they can thank me each day of the year, instead of the lovely Kohls card they'll provide me with on Sunday.
I also made a mommy obstacle course where they had to put clothes on a stuffed animal, cook an egg (fake egg), vacuum, and make a bed as fast as they could.
The missionaries were here, they thought we were uber delightful (and really, who doesn't).
Drew was making a list of all the things I "do" at our house -- and I said it'd be more likely to make a list of things I don't do.
And yes, I am very funny.


  1. Cute! That's a good idea. I'd be afraid to see my own don't do list.

  2. I love Kohl's. My favorite place to shop!


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