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So, the water Nazi came yesterday. I’m sure was apalled by how interested I was in everything. I questioned her for a good 15 minutes about my watering schedule. Now we are doing 3 times a week (we’ll do 4 on weeks that it’s going above 80 degrees most days) for 6 minutes two time a day (totalling 48 minutes of watering). That’s for the lawn and the drippers — although, she said I could increase the drippers if I felt like they needed it. Drippers could get up to 60 minutes/week (no more than 100 — that’s what she said). So, all of my fans of my watering obsessive compuslive disorder — there you go. She came and put in some new aerators so that our facets would have less water/minute coming out of them. She also gave me (these items, including the inspection are all free — FYI) a couple of new showerheads (she would’ve installed them — but I know that’s a fairly easy job and I wanted to make sure Drew was OK with them beforehand) that are low-flow (and they allow you to really slow the water while you’re not “using it” — aka, soaping, etc). AND she gave me a new toilet flapper. It was a freally informative visit and I highly recommend checking to see if your water district offers it. If you’re near me — email me and I will give you the # to call (or you can google our water district’s name).
I am also having a fridge check-up today. I get a free one yearly with the warranty I bought. If I disappear today — blame the fridge man.
In other news: Two summer items to report
1. I will be doing some sessions in Utah this summer. The cost will be my regularly scheduled price. I am up for some mini sessions at a park or something if someone wants to get a friend to go in with them (I would need more than one family scheduled at the same location to make it worth my time). Those will be $250 regardles of your family’s size. These sessions will be entire family sessions (they will differ from my regular family sessions in that I won’t break off each person for their own portraits, dads with kids, mom with kids, etc — these will most likely just my family shots). It will probably be about 1/2 hour or so — I will just shoot as many photos as humanly possible during this time, and will give you proofs accordingly to what I am able to get. You can see examples of my family work here. Feel free to email me if you want more details.
2. We are looking for future farmer families who are interested in picking some produce in our garden while we’re gone. In return we’ll just ask that you turn-on a pre-placed sprinkler on our side yard (and pick any weeds larger than your youngest child). By the time we’re gone I think we’ll have beans, probably still some peas, possibly zuchinni, and if the tomato gods smile on us — perhaps some tomatoes (but I am not getting my hopes up — my seedling starts aren’t really working out like I wish they would have). Oh, and strawberries. The strawberries are loving the new drip system. Anyway — if you’re interested in helping us out in return for some free veggies, please call!

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