A Happy Day to all you Mothers!

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This is one of my favorite things about being a mom:

And why, might you ask, is it one of my favorite things? Well, I remember making items like this and being SO proud (I think I was a tad more into crafts, and the like, than my own children are). I remember thinking of my mommy while I made it and knowing she’d just love it. And, she always did.

For if, you saw that pot on the road you wouldn’t give it a second glance, but knowing that it came from my sweet 4 year old it’s a priceless piece that I just HAD to take a picture of.

And THAT is what motherhood is. If you saw the little acts, each on their own — each time we wipe the table or a runny nose, each time we remind someone to put something away — they’re not that big of a deal — but knowing ALL they do, and all they WILL do. Well, it’s worthy of its own reward show, but a lovely pot will do.

And while I wasn’t able to pom-pom up a pot for my own mom I did send her some flowers and a little package. I want to thank her for all tht little things she does so willingly for me now, and what she’s done these past 31 years…. I am so lucky. Thanks mom.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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This week makes me tire-d.
She won, she won!


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