It perked up

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They day entirely perked up yesterday afternoon.
Drew did an amazing job of doing my usual Monday jobs (most of them — and I pile the most housework on Mondays, because I’m more peppy) while I laid on the couch and watched the season finale of Desperate Housewives (OMG, shocking ending — and let’s not pretend that you’re shocked that I watch that show — thank goodness for DVR to fast-forward the nasty parts and enjoy the entirely ludicrous parts).
I got a drying rack so I can put some items on that instead of drying everything.
I got some new walking shoes (hello, super excited about those).
I got a new 9X9 cake pan (desperately needed — the old one is a pile of rust)
I got a new pizza slicer
my favorite gift?
a thing to open those AWFUL Costco plastic containers. I HATE THOSE. And this thing is a dream of them.
I love the gifts, every one.
Oh, and a Kohls Card, but I’m gonna save that til’ I’ve lost another few pounds. Get some pants that actually fit. :)
A very happy birthday to me. :)
ETA: I forgot to mention my GENIUS brother (who is also a professor at a private university) got me a metronome. It was PERFECT, I actually really needed one and he must’ve read my mind. He da’ bomb.

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  1. says

    I am glad that your family rocked your birthday!

    I am not a big Desperate Housewives fans, but let me just out my hubby and tell you that he is.

    But I did catch the last 10 minutes and it was a shocker!

  2. says

    I am simply SHOCKED by the ending of DW…except I’ve never even seen one episode, but I’m sure it was totally shocking.

    Glad your birthday rocked! I want a drying rack. Still haven’t gotten one.

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