Friday, May 30, 2008

A little Practice

Back when I felt like my life was in a flurry I decided I needed a little hymn to sing to calm myself down. I flipped through the hymn book and picked one out to practice that week. I figured I'd do 5 minutes/day of it on the piano and then it'd be in head to calm me down.
My first hymn was "When Faith Endures", which has really beautiful words that did truly calm my spirit.
Since then, each week during sacrament meeting, I think of something I need to work on. This week I needed to not yell as much at my kids, and enjoy parenting more so I did something about glad songs arising from homes. It's a really hard one, I don't recommend it.
I have found many benefits from my new thing:
1. Conner has a really hard time not being perfect at the piano -- to actually practice something he doesn't get right off. He is slowly realizing that I don't get things at first try either on the piano. While I'm practicing I remind him of some of the strategies I am using to learn the hymn, and I've noticed him trying them too when he practices.
2. Playing the piano is really relaxing (esp. when it's in 5 minute spurts) and it's nice to see such an improvement in the song from the first time I play it to the last. It's nice to see something get better during the week (because it certainly isn't the state of my house).
3. I enjoy having the words to the hymn in my head, and I enjoy that Spencer sometimes sits and sings by me while I play. For those of you who don't know -- Spencer is QUITE a singer. I am glad that for those 5 minutes our home is filled with the spirit of love, music and my bad playing.
Anyway, those are my thoughts. I know a few of us have pianos that sit with just our children plunking on them every now and then. I'd encourage you to take a few minutes to play too.


  1. From homes of Saints glad songs arise.....da da da da da daaaaa.

    Good idea. Maybe I should do this to help Bria understand the same thing regarding violin.

  2. That sounds like such a good way to have Conner "get it" about practicing. Man, I'd love to have a piano. . .


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