Monday, May 26, 2008

One Star hotel recap

In my head, I've always kind of wondered -- why not try a one star? I mean, what could be so bad?
Well, let me give you my thoughts.
1. There's no toilet seat. Seriously -- that is obviously a perk that 1 stars can not afford.
*** mind you, our one star hotel was not actually much cheaper than your basic 3 star hotel ***
2. Our room was considered "non smoking" -- but an ashtray greeted us as we entered our room, and Spencer found a lighter behind his bed.
3. Last night, their "computer systems" went down -- so they had no idea who was in any of the rooms. So instead of

  • Calling to see if our room was being occupied
  • Just letting our room go unoccupied for the night
  • Going through the receipts to see that in fact, we were occupying it

They sent a security guard into our room at 10:30 pm (me and the boys being alone in the room, since Drew was off at a banquet) scaring the be-jeepers out of me. They "guranteed" he knocked, and while I was asleep I didn't hear it... I did hear him enter though. {YEEESH}

Needless to say, they comp'd our room for us. Their answer for why he came in though, was amusing...
"would you rather have a customer entering your room, or our security guard late at night?"
BTW, we've been at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee this past weekend. There was a hotel mix-up and that's what put us at the fine Motel 6 on Jibboom street.
Stay there again? I would not.


  1. LOL!

    We once stayed at an establishment such as this.

    I slept in the car.

  2. Wow! I'm so sorry. Your hotel streak is not a good one lately! I've stayed at multiple Motel 6's, and haven't had problems. Maybe they were more than 1 star, though. . . WHAT WERE THEY THINKING to send the security guard into your room???!!! at 10:30 pm???!!! Obviously they were not. Go you for getting it comped.

  3. The adventures of the 1 star hotels...

    Yeah, I don't think I'll try one. NO TOILET SEAT????

  4. I'm sorry to laugh at your dreaded experience, but I've also often wondered what could be so bad. Thanks for the tips!

    Seriously, no toilet seat????


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