Monday, May 19, 2008

A picture of moi at 32

Feeling just the slightest bit "wo is me" on this -- my very special day....
1. Have a UTI, got to spend a nice hour at the Kaiser pharmacy trying to get them to give me a pregnancy category B drug. Stupid Kaiser (no, not pregnant, just paranoid).
2. Taught relief society yesterday with said UTI. Was concerned I'd wet my dress for most of the lesson. Made it through dry though.
3. Have ABC school graduation at my house today. At least if I wet my pants in that class the kids won't mock me (as much).
4. 32 is really, really old...................
P.S. My little musical tributes are especially for my friends Robin and Kim. I am so lucky to share my birthday with 2 women whom I admire so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES!!!!


  1. Happy birthday Hill!

    Make it a good one (or at least as good as it can be with a UTI...woo hoo.)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Loves and hoping that your UTI magically goes away today. :)

    PS: You're not old. Not one bit. Even if you are incontinent. :)


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