A Seeker of Signs

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My life has been a bit troubled lately. I’ve felt a lot of anxiety and we’ve had a lot of big decisions to make lately (not HUGE decisions, but bigger ones). Anyway, this past week I’ve just been praying that God would give me a “wink.” I mean, I want to say a “sign” but I think that asking for signs shows a lack of faith and while I have faith in Him, sometimes I just want a little nudge that he’s watching me and he knows what I’m going through — and it will end-up fine.
Up until now I felt like life was spiraling downward. Very few positive points. On Thursday I just begged him for something — something that would say things are gonna be alright.
So I went through my fairly hectic day.
I got my wink, I won’t go into how trivial it was, but it was actually huge for me and involves our tree trimmer. I felt so thankful for that, but also felt weak for needing to ask for something like that. I should have more faith.
Then I read the Special Experiences talk in the Ensign. I felt so comforted by that talk — that God DOES give us experiences to strengthen our faith — and it’s our job to look for those things and be strengthened by them. Anyway, just my thoughts for the day. I know that a lot of people are going through very hard times right now and I thought that talk did wonders for me.
And in other news, it’s VERY HOT here. My Basil can’t tolerate it.

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    I will trade you places for weather. It has been FREEZING here. I think Spring forgot to wake up.

    And yes, Heavenly Father loves us, and while we can’t base our faith on signs, or winks, they can strengthen our faith, and let us know we’re doing the right things. I totally believe that.

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