Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This week makes me tire-d.

We have been obsessed with tires as of late, apparently.
On Saturday Drew and I decided it was time to finally replace the kid's bike tires. They're REALLY Sad, and several are popped... we've bought them all at garage sales for cheap, and figured we'd just fix them up with some paint, new tires, etc.
New tires are more expensive than getting a new bike.
And no, I'm not kidding.
New tires: About 36 bucks (to replace all 4 included their inner-tubes)
New Bike: 29.99 and 34.99 -- seriously.
Needless to say the kids are ECSTATIC.
And then this morning I went to Costco to get our tires rotated, etc. I was studying our tire purchase paper and realized that in the 2 years (actually, it's been 2 years and almost 4 months) since we bought the tires we've only driven 5,000 miles. Now, this is our "work" car -- and both of us work fairly close, but I like that we're conserving on miles. I was also amused by people who think it's better to yell and scream, rather than talk rationally, or do things as the people in "power" expect you to. Less amusing when they're in their car revving their engine just feet away from you and your child, but more amusing once they leave.
Speaking of tire-d.... my friend Becky just had the sweetest little girl Maggie. Guess who got to take her picture?


  1. Yes, we learned this the hard way...of course, our kids were not as estatic as yours...since we yard sale bikes. hehe

  2. I'd be tired too.

    I really need to get B a new bike. She has a scooter, but no bike at all, and if they're that cheap what am I waiting for?


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