Thoughts on Thursday

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We can NOT get cantaloupe to grow — it just gets eaten by all our tiny bugs. Any ideas? I bought one LAST packet of seeds today… I’ve put cinnamon in the area, but they don’t seem to care.
Stupid bugs.
I thought this was a cute idea — esp. as Summer gets close. Plus, I could teach them both a little bit about how we shop, improve their scissor and writing skills. Might try it once or twice.
Gas has officially hit four dollars on my route to school. Actually, it hit 4 dollars a couple of days ago, and now it’s $4.09. Good luck to all of us. :)
I have been reading through my journals lately — it started on my birthday and now I’m taking a cruise through my past. I used to read them fairly frequently, but since I’ve had Conner I have not done it hardly at all. It’s interesting to see how much I struggled my first year of marriage. I mean, I had a REALLY hard time. I hear a lot of people saying that their first year was so GREAT, they never faught… of course, I had a very stressful major along with being the main provider for the family… I remember it took a huge upward climb once school was done. I am so grateful for my journals though. I always learn so much about myself going back and reading them.

And FINALLY, guess who scrapbooked. I’m gonna get through last year before school gets out. That gives me 3 weeks. Go me.

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  1. says

    We fought 346 days (at least) of the first year we were married.

    I hear it too, how people loved that first year.

    We just chalk it up to getting it all out of the way early, and are looking forward to smooth sailing now…hahahaha

  2. says

    Our first year was easier than perhaps most, but I attribute it to the horridly difficult time we had while dating. :)

    Gas hit 3.99 here today. I’m ticked.

  3. says

    Hey – getting caught up. Happy Belated birthday! I hope it ended up being nice and that you are feeling more encouraged lately (and over your not feeling well!).

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