Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dressing Room Hell

With the weight loss I haven't really bought any new clothes. I've just cinched in my belt, and that makes me happy anyway (even if my pants are all gathered around my waist).
However, I needed a pair of shorts for the summer. I am SO glad the fashion is the longer shorts. Horray for small miracles.

So, with my 30% off coupon in hand I headed-off to Kohls. I wasn't excited for this venture -- and for good reason. So, I picked-up like 6 sizes of shorts, not having a clue where my new body would fit. Turns-out I fit into all of them, sort of. I think the size I really am, they don't have. So, I picked the next size up and threw them in my cart.

I think I'll stick to cinching my pants for another while, and let's not even talk about bathing suits... {sigh}


  1. Way to go!! I am feelin' the bulge, but not feelin' any motivation AT ALL!! It's driving me crazy, I am being way too lazy these days, and it is really showing.

  2. I am in the in betweens too.

    Very annoying...since that generally means you just have to go higher. :)

    But, go you!


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