Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eating Consciously -- a reminder post

So, the rules for eating consciously are simple:

1. Eat what you want. This has been really great for me. I no longer suffer with low fat items, when I prefer the taste of full fat. I eat whatever I want. DE-lish.

2. Eat when you're hungry. Main problem, I'm RARELY hungry. I'm talking I can often go all day without eating and most likely won't feel hunger pains. So, I am still eating at my mealtimes, with a rare snack (and not at night).

3. Eat consciously -- for me, this has been really enjoying what I eat. I close my eyes and really love it. For, you see, I am eating something I love anyway (see #1). When I feel like I'm still going to be hungry after the portion I have, I close my eyes and really enjoy it -- and I realize that I probably won't still be hungry (I'm just greedy).

4. Stop when you're full. I still have hard time with this one. I am getting much better. and someitmes I see the "full" barrier coming and I steamroll over it with a few more bites -- but the key is finding your full point. At first I just stopped when I was no longer hungry. Now, I have a little better idea of it.

So, go out and eat consciously. Let's all be thin. :) Any other questions ladies?

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