Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Fear that Flies around you

Spencer is COMPLETELY afraid of bugs. Mostly the flying kind, but one time I showed him a roly-poly in the garden and I thought I needed to put him in a pull-up he was so scared. :)

Do your children have this issue?

What do you do about it?

In other news, guess who got her summer work schedule yesterday? I see a blog break happening soon. I don't tend to be the best blogger when I'm working a lot. At least you'll have me a few more days, so get your fill. :)


  1. My Becky is afraid of EVERYTHING. Our strategy is mainly to tell her to chill out.

    It doesn't really work. sigh.

  2. My Katie [25 yrs] freaks out with bees. I know what you mean. But now we all just laugh at her running and freaking out. She's not so little anymore!


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