Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If I Weren't Who I am...

Have you ever thought, if you could go back to college and have a major just for fun, what would it be?
Well, I have. I took about 2 classes that weren't required by my major (and they frowned on taking ANY classes that weren't required), and I hear about some of the fun classes my friends were taking (like weaving) I was stuck taking microbiology twice.
Anyway, enough of the nursing pity party, I know what I'd re-major in.
I'd do musical theater. Now, not musical DANCE theater, no MDT is just weird (let's not go to our family's thoughts on the Young Ambassadors) -- I'm talking Broadway.
I did a lot of musicals in high school, and I knew every word of the entire play, including gestures and facial expressions, problem was -- I was in the pit. I was always behind the scenes (or underground) and if I could do it all over again I wish I'd been on the stage a bit more.
However, I don't have the best voice... so that's a big of an issue when you want to be Galinda in Wicked...
But, if wishes were to come true... that's what I'd be. What about you guys? I tag every single one of you to do a blog entry about your "re-major" (and it can't be something that will make you rich, just what you'd really like to do).


  1. Ummmm....you know Broadway is pretty dang heavy on the dancing? That's why they call the major MDT. No such thing as just musical theatre without some dance required.

    And Glinda does some pretty major dancing too. :)

    I'd do MDT too. Or art. Or photography. Or linguistics.

  2. I think I'd do acting w/o the dancing & singing. I was in a German play, and the director thought I made a great schwanger schwaengerin. Or was is schwaenger schwangerin? I need an umlaut here, for Pete's sake!


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