Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Move on...

One of the best parts of moving here is that most of my friends also don't have family here, so we become very close. We're a tight group of individuals who lean on each other for support. It is also one of the worst things when one of those friends move.
And move they do.
Since we don't have family here, none of us feel particularly too tied to the area, or some of us are going to school (although I have vowed not to make good friends with anyone else just here for school -- it's too painful).
I have two very good friends leaving me. It makes me so sad, although I am grateful for the internet where we can stay in touch.
Sometimes I wonder if it's just this area. It's completely painful to watch them leave. Would it be better if I lived in Utah, or someplace else? Obviously, the cost of living is insane here -- but, opportunities are also huge.
Who knows. I just wish they'd all stay (until we move, of course -- and then they're free to go).


  1. That's how our entire marriage has been. Probably due in great part to the fact that we were in school forever, so therefore, most of our friends were, too. And people graduate and get jobs in Timbuktu. But, even since we've been out and moved to Utah, I've had a lot of good friends here move away. My 2 best friends both moved last month. Very sad day indeed.

  2. BYU was like that for me. I was so far from home & anything, and I'd get close to friends, then they'd move or go on a mission or something. I hated it!

  3. I thought that settling in this small-ish town would ensure that my friends would never leave me. After all, someone who comes here usually comes here because they grew up here and want to remain here. But, alas, even those who want to stay can get uprooted with unforseen circumstances. Lucky for me she's in town again to visit. I feel your pain....it really stinks.


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