Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am dumb.
I've been paying like 3 bucks (one time I got it for a dollar, which was a sweet deal, but still not as cheap as this was) for pizza sauce in a jar.
HELLO, it's SO easy to make!
I combined tomato paste, tomato sauce, italian seasonings, garlic (the pureed kind in a jar), dehydrated onions and mixed it all up.
Yummiola, and it just tasted more fresh and healthy.
And heavens knows I want to be fresh and healthy.

School's out tomorrow.
Someone get me a kleenex.


  1. Love made up words! "Yummiola" I think I need to use that one more often. I guess it's time to stock up on the tomatoe sauce and paste.

  2. Anonymous9:36 AM

    We make our own pizza from scratch, Hil - it's SO yummier than anything else in the world. I have a recipe for the crust, if you'd like - Cosman Special. :)

    - Gretel


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