Monday, June 02, 2008


While I am just sitting around waiting for my little baby to come (aka, my kidney stone -- but you can be assured there WILL be a photo shoot when {or if} it ever comes out) I saw my 2nd great cousin 12 times removed (we're related, not eactly sure what the terminology is for it...) has a GREAT photography tutorial on creating Keepsakes . Her name is Candice Stringham, and she's an amazing professional photographer. And they are here. I thought it answered a lot of questions I often get about how I shoot my kids (with photos, not my dagger-like glares).


  1. Is it just me or is it really hard to read the links? It's practically invisible against the nice blue background. I knew someting was up when your ad words were all about kidney stones. Yikes - sounds AWFUL!! I hope it passes quickly and if I ever get one I know who I can cry to!

  2. 2nd great cousin 12 times removed? Wow.

    Saw that too...always love what she says. Did you see she is going to teach a course on jessica sprague's blog, too?

    And I agree, the links are invisible.


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