Wednesday, June 04, 2008

UTAHNS open your ears!

So, I've been eye-ing the grocery game for a bit, but because it doesn't include all the stores I normally shop at I've decided against it, and continuing going at it on my own. I have kind of got my system down now to where it doesn't take as much time.
Well, the Provo-ites could totally rock this:
(thanks to my friend Sarah for showing me the link)
K, so far what I like:
1) Price is 7 bucks (I think it's 6.95, but I think we all know what that means) for 1 month. I think that's pretty fair. Plus, you can sign-up for a 2 week free trial right now (just be sure to cancel before you get charged if that's how you're gonna work it).
2) They give a whole food storage mormon-y type chart with it. Red's the great deals, green's good and blue's OK.
3) They give you FIVE stores for 7 dollar price. HELLO. That's a WHOLE lot of ad-searching you are NOT going to have to do. FYI, the stores are Reams, Smith's, Harmons, Macy's and Albertsons.
Anyway, I have asked her to give my 2 free weeks when I go to Utah (I'm gonna have to buy groceries while I'm at my mom's and I'd like to show her it's totally possible for her to do this).
Main problem I see in Utah:
Your grocery stores are just too spread-out. That's my benefit here -- can do 1 stores on my way home from C's school. I couldn't do that in Utah. So I think I'd have to pick my store (does Harmon's still price-match all the other stores?) and go from there.
So, just my thoughts for the day. Even if you're not living in Utah, you can check out her blog from that site -- it's pretty dang cool.


  1. If you enter the promotional code FREE TRIAL it will give you two weeks free and change the price from $4.95 (Standard) and $7.95 (Meal Planner Membership) each month.


  2. One more thing..a great way to do one-stop shopping now that Harmons doesn't match prices anymore is to match ALL prices at Walmart. Focus on the 'red' deals of the week and it will save you 30-80% on your weekly groceries! It is great!!


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