30 days of being under attack

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Do any of you watch the show “30 Days”?

I’ve started DVRing it (did I mention that I have like 9 MILLION hours of DVR to watch since our vacation). The premise of the show is that someone jumps into someone else’s life for 30 days. I watched the show last night where an LDS woman went to live with a gay couple and their 3 boys. She was opposed to gays being able to adopt.

I felt so sorry for the woman.

First, I might add that my own views on this are that gay should be able to adopt out of the foster system. I know, it makes no sense — but to me 2 people who love any child is better than no one loving the child. I’m not sure they could make a law so restrictive — but it is what it is.
Anyway, her view was that gays and lesbians should not be able to adopt, period.
Regardless, 30 days of living with something you are so ADAMENTLY opposed to must be excruciating. I have gay/lesbian friends whom I adore but I basically block their home life from my mind. And that’s fine. To me, they’re friends and I love them like I love all my friends (and frankly, I block most of my friends home lives out of my mind anyway). It seemed like at every turn, she was taken to a group of gays/lesbians who were attacking her. They can’t agree to disagree, they can’t just educate her about how they feel — they were attacking (esp the biological parents of one of the children the couple was raising — but that’s a whole other bag of chips).

In the end, one of the men from the couple said that if she couldn’t agree with him on this, they couldn’t be friends. She said that she knew they woudln’t agree, but she still wanted them to be friends, and he said no.

And then it came into focus for me. We truly love our friends, those around us — we love them. We might not love their choices, but we can love the people. If they choose not to love us, because of our choice — that’s their choice. I also think it’s so rare any more for someone to take a stand on their beliefs that people take it as an affront. I think we need to be fine to say “I think what your doing is wrong, but I still really like you as a person.” I think we need to be OK when someone says that about us “I think that belonging to your church is wrong, but I still really like you as a person.” That’s their thoughts, those are ours. Moving on…

Anyway, it’s an interesting show — if you ever see it being re-run you might be intersted to watch it.
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    I saw that episode too, but I started it late and didn’t know she was LDS. I felt REALLY bad for her. I totally agree with you – it just seemed like she was getting attacked everywhere she went. I don’t understand why it’s not okay to them for her (and the rest of us) to have our own opinions. Why can’t we believe what we want? They’re allowed to believe what they want and they can fight for the rights they believe they deserve, and on that same token, others should be allowed to believe what they want to believe and fight for those beliefs, even if it goes against what the first people believed. (Did that make sense? It’s getting kinda confusing to me.) Anyway, I totally agree with what you’re saying in that second to last paragraph.

    And my favorite 30 Days was the one about the border patrol guy who went to live with some illegal immigrants. That one really spoke to me – I was already on their side, and it helped to prove my point.

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