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The F-LDS church (which, I didn’t know — they didn’t even adopt that name til’ 1991 — I think they were called “The Work” before that) is bitter that we are drawing a line between ourselves and them.
They say we’re fairly similar, and we shouldn’t be saying there are so many differences.
Well, yes — we all have eyes, noses, lungs, hearts… all those things are EXACTLY THE SAME.
Other than that — not so much.
Yes, we both believe in what Joseph Smith did and right up til’ Brigham Young, we’re the same. I’ll give them that.
But after that, we’re different.
It bothers me that they want to saddle on up to our church.
We’ve done SO much to integrate into society, to become normal people.
And frankly, from what I’ve seen of this church — they haven’t. They do everything they can to separate themselves. Their dress, their hair, their locations, how they deal with the public.
Anyway, just sayin’ we’re different.
And in the immortal words of Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods:
“Nice is different than good.”

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  1. says

    what part of “leave us alone!” do they not understand… seriously.

    Let me just say it has been VERY interesting to be LDS in Texas the last couple of months… this whole F-LDS Texas compound thing has messed up the State… And people that we thought were friends and understood who and what we are have become weirded out by the whole thing and apparently are not understanding that we are indeed different. I’m so tired of being lumped in with the F’s. sigh.

  2. says

    What a great article by the Church! I really appreciate it. I don’t think they want to bring us down–they just want to bring themselves up. It’s so ironic that they even care what the outside world thinks, since they don’t want anything to do w/it.

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