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I never thought I’d do it.
I am just too upscale.
But… my friend Amie did it and I thought it might encourage me to see those numbers increase (and perhaps show the rest of you what’s possible).
I was REALLY glad that you just got to put your goal weight in and not your actual pounds come-up. :) I gained a bit on the trip, but I’m heading back to where I was. I am hoping to have 35 pound loss by the time school starts… which is in a a month.
I did an hour of cardio and weights (actually, I guess it was only 50 minutes because I skipped the ab work since I was still sore from my abs a couple days ago).
It was step aerobics. I’ve tried that program before and always felt so confused, but today I just affirmed that I was there to work-out and perhaps learn a few new steps, and if I was confused — I needed to keep moving.
It worked. I’m hoping to do one hour routine each week, and 2 Denise Austin’s (which are 1/2 hour). Plus, I’ll be eating consciously. The family’s flying in today though, and I have to vow eat well — even when we eat out.

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