I never thought I’d do it.
I am just too upscale.
But… my friend Amie did it and I thought it might encourage me to see those numbers increase (and perhaps show the rest of you what’s possible).
I was REALLY glad that you just got to put your goal weight in and not your actual pounds come-up. :) I gained a bit on the trip, but I’m heading back to where I was. I am hoping to have 35 pound loss by the time school starts… which is in a a month.
I did an hour of cardio and weights (actually, I guess it was only 50 minutes because I skipped the ab work since I was still sore from my abs a couple days ago).
It was step aerobics. I’ve tried that program before and always felt so confused, but today I just affirmed that I was there to work-out and perhaps learn a few new steps, and if I was confused — I needed to keep moving.
It worked. I’m hoping to do one hour routine each week, and 2 Denise Austin’s (which are 1/2 hour). Plus, I’ll be eating consciously. The family’s flying in today though, and I have to vow eat well — even when we eat out.

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  1. Renee' says

    My grandmother has a delicious zucchini recipe, if you want me to share. Email me back if you want it. Even my seven year old will eat it. The judges are out on the three year old, but he has issues and we’re in occupational therapy for them. It’s yummy.
    [email protected]

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