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Hey, to my LDS friends out there — would you mind emailing me and letting me know when you got your endowments out for the first time (if you got them just before you got married)? One of my old YW is getting married and they’re suggesting a week before but I’m wondering if any of you did something different that you’d recommend.
You’re welcome to comment — or email me if you’d rather keep it private. :)

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  1. says

    I received my endowment the evening before I got married. We did it like that since all my family and Ry’s family were in town for the wedding so we could have everyone there for my special day too. It was also nice since it made the endowment really special to me and kind of felt like a two day celebration instead of just the wedding. Other people may feel like doing it a lot earlier so they can go to the temple a little bit before they get married. What ever makes you most comfortable and fits your personality. What did you do?

  2. says

    I went the day before we were married. I wanted my mom and dad to be there for it….we got married on a Tuesday, and because they had little kids at home still, they couldn’t come out for very long. So they flew in on Saturday, we did my endowments in the SLC temple on Monday, and got married in the Bountiful temple on Tuesday. Worked out fine for us. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is going for your first time to the SLC temple. As it was a live session, it was somewhat different and a little harder to understand for the first time. That’s just my opinion though. :)

  3. says

    I went about 5 days before. The husband can take you through, if it is less than a week before (that is how is was 12 years ago). I agree with Kathleen (btw, I know her, she was in one of my old wards, HI Kathleen!!) SLC temple is a little more confusing on the first time around…I did it. I should have just done Provo, but oh well!

  4. says

    I went through nine days before getting married, and that worked fine for me. Husband actually went through the day before we got married, so I beat him. Hehehe.

  5. says

    I went through 4 years before. :)

    I remember that my best friend got married on May 4, so that’s like two weeks after finals, no? I know she went through before finals because we were still living in our apartment then. And we all moved out right after finals, and she lived with her parents for the little bit before she got married.

    I’m not much help, I realize.

  6. says

    I was endowed before my mission, but way before. It was a totally separate and unrelated experience in my life. It wasn’t tied to any other event, is what I mean. But I realize that not all people are in that situation. I, of course, loved having had so much experience in the temple before my wedding day. After reading all the other comments, it sounds like no matter when you are endowed it is a special day. On my wedding day they almost forgot to have Aaron take me through! We had to run up these huge stairs and go through quickly because all the guests were seated and ready for us. I was a little miffed about that, but it was still memorable.

  7. Erin Bingham says

    I received my endowments a week before. That way Val could take me through. I believe if you do it earlier than that, then you have to wait until the day of your wedding for that stuff.

  8. says

    Day before my wedding day for me. Mainly because of family in town, etc. It was a crazy few days, but weddings are like that, I guess. I wouldn’t have minded a few more days in between, but for me it was more important to have essential family present.

  9. says

    Mine was a couple of days before I got married.

    I had wanted to do it a couple of months earlier but they wouldn’t let my soon to be husband take me through my first time if I did it that early.

    I second the motion of not doing your first time in SLC. I was SOO confused!!! LOL

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