To Bikini or not to Bikini

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Yesterday, my sister in law and I were having a pretty serious conversation about bikinis… you know, as serious as bikini talk can get. I have recently had a view of a Utah County pool… and let me say that it did not differ in any way from my local pool. In fact, I think there may have been MORE bikinis (and I’m talking about a regular pool day — I think when we have moms day at the pool from with my Mormon friends no one has a bikini… not that I remember anyway)?

First off, many many women would NEVER wear a bikini after having a baby, and that’s the honest truth, modesty out the window. Hence, the tankini is a great option (and the one I have chosen for myself). Hence, most of my non-LDS friends don’t wear bikinis.

But, from the instant I realized I could wear a suit my mom said no bikinis and I am fairly sure it was the same for all my friends. I am fairly sure it states in the Strength of the Youth not to share that particular parts of our body with the general public? Let me see…. yes — it does say that our clothing should cover our stomach (and for the record — girls dresses should cover their shoulders, interesting… it’s been a while since I’ve read this).

Have the rules changed? Is it suddenly OK for LDS women to flaunt their fine abs?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m jealous. Except for at some of you — some of you should tuck that flab back in and put on a cover-up.

And if you think I’m talking to you, I most likely am not.

BTW, my swimsuit is a size too large and I am on the lookout for a new one. It needs to have skirt to cover-up my thunder-thighs (which are a size smaller than they were before, but are thunderous regardless)… I am hoping to get a good deal on one at the end of year clearance-type events…. recommendations?

Of course, this brings me to the monstrous fact that when you live in the “mission field” you have stricter standards than you do in happy valley. There’s a distinction between what I choose to do and what my friends of other faiths choose to do, and while we’re neighbors and I love them, there are differences. I’m not sure that’s so true here in the valley of happiness….

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  1. says

    I’m a big no on bikini’s… and I’m always suprised for a brief second when I see LDS women in them. I know I’m in the minority but I won’t even let my little girls (future little girls) wear bikini’s… obviously they don’t have anything to cover but I think it sets a standard for them… if its not ok when they’re little then hopefully it won’t be an issue when they’re older.

    Like I said I’m the minority… my SIL’s all wear them, let their kids wear them and see no issue with it. THey think I’m prudish… and i’m fine with that.

  2. says

    I’m always amazed that like 90% of the suits at the store are bikinis because 90% of the people I know shouldn’t be wearing one. No bikinis in this household and proud of it. And I am anti-tank top. I fully expect complaining from my girls in a few years.

  3. says

    I grew up always wearing a one piece, that was the rule at every church activity. So why would it be a rule at church activities and not in my daily life. That’s just me.

  4. says

    I just got a new tankini from Shade and I love it. The top is nice and long…I have a long torso and have been looking for a tankini forever that would actually cover my tummy. All my little girls have one pieces and my dh was saying I should get a one piece also, but I figured this one covers everything a one piece would, so it’s okay.

    I totally agree with having your kids always dress the way you would want them to. If you let them wear tanks and bikinis when they’re little because it looks “cute”, when do you stop letting them? And when you try to make them stop, what if they now think it’s okay?

  5. says

    I have to say I totally agree with your comment on the Valley of Happiness….way stricter standards outside of Utah. Sad, but true.

    As for me, my kids have never worn a bikini, and never will (at least while they’re in my house). Me neither, for that matter. But I am one of those who would need to tuck her flab right back in.

  6. says

    I am with ya sista! I feel like when we teach our kids young, they embrace it. I know a lot of people who don’t mind dressing their kids in whatever, but I wonder when is the point when they need to be modest? My 3 year old niece recognizes what modesty is…sometimes to our embarrassment when she points it out loud and clear hahaha, but hey I guess she knows:)

    Amyhow, Modbe has cute long suits (long top separates with skirts as an option)…well at least they did last year:) good luck!

  7. says

    I am amazed that this would even be a discussion had between Mormon women. I wonder if there are any women who read your blog who do wear bikinis and why THEY are not commenting. I would love to hear the reasoning behind it. A daughter of a friend got married last year in the temple and was dying to buy a bikini for her honeymoon. We told her to buy one for private times….but didn’t think that because you were married it was ok to strut around in a bikini. That was her it didn’t matter anymore. But, after you have been to the temple it matters more, really. Also, we have ladies in our stake who run around in exercise bras and short shorts WAY after the exercising is done. I just don’t understand. My son is going to BYU in the makes me sad that he will see such different standards on this topic.

  8. says

    I SO agree w/you! I’m a little jealous, too, but seriously. This immodesty thing needs to stop. It’s all those Utah women who have to show off their fake boobs & tummy tucks, you know. It amazes me here how there is so much “gray”. I liked it way better in the “mission field” where things were much more black and white.

    I remember a “friend” who grew up in Utah telling me about how cool her YW leader was b/c she wore a bikini to a church activity. It’s twisted, I tell you! Thanks for the Strength of Youth pamphlet

  9. Sarah says

    I ordered my favorite, most flattering swimsuit ever from Land’s End this year. Check out their website. I got the tummy-control tankini and let me tell you!! It controls my tummy! And has a little skirt bottom! I have never loved a suit as much as I love this one. :)

  10. says

    One more thing… it’s not just a Utah thing. I live way outside of Utah and its a issue among the women in our ward here… most of whom have never even stepped foot in Utah. And yes, I’m being a bit sensitive…but not all problem are exclusive to Utah.

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