When you sit back…

Sometimes, when I sit back and take my whole life in, I feel so happy.
Today I got to spend my entire day with my family, and extended family.
I felt so blessed to be a part of those people, and enjoy their company.
I have ALWAYS loved my mom’s side of our family (I love my dad’s too, but we always lived closer to my mom’s). I feel that a strong part of who I am comes from each one of them. It’s amazing how each personality meshes so well. I enjoy who they’ve chosen for spouses.
I just can’t say enough good things about each of them. I admire them all so much.
AND, when you’ve had a day like that, well — it’s a good day indeed. It also makes me want to move closer to my family… but that’s is another blog entirely (I’m talking a whole OTHER BLOG, not just another entry).
OH, and a very happy eighth birthday to Mr. Conner. More on my big dude later.
I think I’ll go bask in my happy glow.

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    Wow, you like us – you really like us! ;) Saturday was definitely a good day, I agree. And we wish you lived closer, too!