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It’s day #2, and I’m already losing it with Conner. Today he walked out to the van without a care in the world (or his backpack or his lunch) and I asked him 4 times if he was all ready to go “yeah mom” Then he saw my not-so subtle glance around his area to see that NO he was NOT ready… and he ran back in to get his stuff.
As I’m vacuuming this morning he has stuff EVERYWHERE. He’s much busier this year than he has been in the past, I will agree. With scouts, and soccer and piano it’s a lot on his shoulders, but not much more than I had at the age of 8.
So, what do you do? How do you make sure that stuff is cleaned up before school? I know it often ends in a tyrade of me promising the car will go no where until it’s done.
Do you just let it go?
I guess I’m just not that kind of mom.
Anyway, as I look at it I have a few strategies.
1. Cleaned-up before bed (and any time they waste doing that, they just lose for their reading in bed time)
2. Cleaned up before school (I don’t make a big deal about it, but we go no-where til’ it’s done).
I think the problem is not freaking out on them about it. I just get SO tired of cleaning up after them.
Perhaps I could let perfection go a bit — but really, is that an option?

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  1. says

    We also do it before bed. Room must be cleaned and all of their stuff put in the right places by one hour before bedtime. Anything left out gets confiscated.

    Mornings are too crazy as it is to require cleaning. We do practicing, homework checks, breakfast, getting ready (which takes Bria FOR-EVER), and scriptures in the morning. No time for cleaning.

    Good luck!

  2. says

    Our mornings are too rushed to try and do anything before school, but my girls have jobs to do after school. There is no TV, video games, playing with friends, etc., until those jobs and homework are done. If they choose not to do their jobs, then it’s a pretty boring afternoon and evening for them. :) If anything needs to be picked up before bedtime, they are asked to do it. If I have to pick it up, it becomes mine until I’m ready to give it back to them.

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