A Brand New Start

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Along with my kid’s brand new start with a new school year (doesn’t everything feel so fresh and new right now?) I am back to my old ways.

Eating consciously has gone out the window as I’ve been working more and had to snarf stuff down just to survive Apparently I’ve been doing MORE than surviving though, if you catch my drift. Working out has also been pushed to the side. I’m vowing to get back on the wagon for both of these things.

I feel more fresh and new in the fall than I do at the beginning of the school year than I do at the beginning of the year (although that also sometimes has an effect on me).

I even bought some new plants to replace the ones that aren’t lookin‘ so hot. New plants always makes a girl happy! Conner has a whole day to do whatever he wants. Very few limitations. Video games, computer time (when mom doesn’t need it), games, playdough — the world is his oyster before he starts back to the grind. I also got soccer schedules last night. It’s going to rock our little worlds {sigh}. I sure wish that kid loved theater more. :)

Go Team!

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  1. says

    I’ve hit a plateau with my eating as well.

    But today is Monday and since I can only start things on Monday- today is the day I climb back in the wagon.

    Good luck to ya!

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