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Well, my work cancelled me — so I decided to work some magic at Walgreens.
I just got back. Here’s what I bought:
3 Rice Krispie Treats
2 Pop tarts
2 Rasin Bran Crunches (it was marked with a red RR tag in my store)
2 Pops Cereal
Total: 16 dollars (after 4 coupons from yesterday’s paper — RK treats, pop tarts, and 2 for the cereals).
1 5$ Register Reward prints (should have been 2)

HOWEVER, I had talked to the manger before I got rung-up and she told me that if it didn’t work she’d give me a 5$ gift card, which she did.

And now I need to cut-out my UPC’s for the Kellogs Rebate (which Kellogs announced today would start retro-active on the 2nd, even though in the paper yesterday it said the 5th).

I did a second transaction where I did:
Pencil Sharpener (49 cents)
Notecards (19 cents each — bought 2)
Paper clips (19 cents)
Pink Erasers (9 cents)
10 pack of papermate pens (9 cents)
2 packs of highlighters (9 cents each — bought 2)
9 posterboard (9 cents — I offered to split that and have my son buy the other 4, but they said 8 was fine)
1 pencil box (49 cents)
filler paper (39 cents)
Grand total for all that was 6.51
used my other 5 register reward and I only paid 1.51

So — as a recap, I spent 17.51
I have a 5 dollar Walgreens gift card
I have a 10 dollar mail in rebate (Make SURE if you do this, you get them on the same recipt)Plus, I forgot to use a prior 3 dollar RR — note to self, don’t take kids to store.
Sub-total: 2.51 for all that.
Go me.
***Crap, upon further analysis — you need 10 items of Kellogs on your receipt — I only have 9. AGAIN don’t shop with kids when you are trying to do deals like this. Still, it’s a swanky deal {sigh} *****

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