The Great Teacher Saga

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So, I was doing fine up until about 45 minutes til’ we were set to go see the class lists.
Conner got into a great class, and I’m so glad that I left it to last year’s teacher. The key is to get in the good teacher’s class at the start, and make friends — and then threaten them with large percussionists to make sure your kid’s in the right class the next year. :) Well, maybe the threats were idle (and maybe they weren’t). I’m excited for the school year now — bring on the multiplication tables (btw, 3rd grade — my LEAST favorite year by a MILE).
Go team.

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    We had our class list postings yesterday! Tyler is getting the same teacher he had last year for thrid grade and I am super excited. Timmy is starting jr. high so I am holding my breath!! Teachers either like him or make it very difficult and I have to turn into a mean mommy!

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