Insight into Spencer

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Today I taught sharing time in primary — it was on baptism and as a mother of a recently baptized child, I guess I was the perfect choice.
Regardless I got to see into Spencer’s little world. I’m excited to go to preschool next year and see how he reacts in a class full of kids his age — and this was a peek into that world.
Anyway — the kid answers all that questions. I think it’s so amusing for them to be scanning the room looking for someone who knows the answer, all of Jr. Primary (where kids ages 3-7 go in our church during the last 2 hours) — and when no one does (including kids double his age) they’ll say, “Spencer, do you know?”
Amusing but true.
BUT I did come away with a gem of a story.
I guess the missionaries came in for sharing time last week. They’d been learning all month about sharing the gospel with our friends. They gave a heartfelt lesson about the gospel and how we can be good examples, etc. Then they said, “Do you guys have any questions.” (super dumb to ask of a room of little kids, but I digress….)
Spencer raised his hand and was called on.

“How do you vote?”

Yeah, this is what I’m saying peeps (reminder, my parents had been here last week, and we’d been in Utah around all of my very political family) — religion and politics. There one and the same in my house.

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