It’s Fixed

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The home loan I mean. It’s by no means my dream loan, but I feel amazingly good about it. For those of you considering buying a house I can’t believe the difference now from 5 years ago. Back then they were THROWING money at me. This time there were so many variables between our income, and home value it wasn’t working out. But it did.

Yesterday I was able to take one of my old Young Women to the temple. It’s an exceedingly long story as to why her mom didn’t escort her, but I will always treasure the experience. While at the temple, besides helping her– I was really seeking for God to tell me what to do with the mortgage thing. And of course, like with all things — I was hoping he’d provide fireworks and sky-writing. Instead I had the sweet feeling that things would work out, and soon. I came home (thanks to Miranda for watching my kids while I went, and even an extra 1/2 hour and DROPPING THEM OFF — dang I’m lucky to have such good friends!) and looked at my giant loan spreadsheet (can we say loser), was listening to my messages — all of which seemed particularly bad news. So as I scanned it, I felt prompted to call the company our current loan is with (I already had, but I just hadn’t taken it too seriously)… I did, and what they offered felt so right. Even though it’s not what I had envisioned, God knew it was right for us. I’m so grateful for that.

I am also grateful to have it done — I am fairly sure I can get on with my life now. :)

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    It’s nice knowing that something is right, according to God’s plan. I find that so comforting, because then I never doubt myself once I know that. Yeah for you!

    And now I’m all caught up on your blog, so I don’t have to be a psycho blogger stalker anymore!

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