Monday, Monday…

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Oh, sweet Monday. Usually you hold such promise. Unless I’m working — which is rare. Luckily, Drew has his last “at home” (in body, if not in mind) day so our children can run amuck while he solves the world’s marching band problems.

I am looking for some big finish to our summer. Something VERY fun (compensating for the fact that mom’s been at work the past 4 days un-expectedly). Perhaps we’ll invite some peeps over and have a big sprinkler party… I’ve thought about going to the local amusement park but I am hoping there’s something I can do at home that’s just as fun without the $$ investment. Any ideas?

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    Sprinkler/BBQ with some of your favorite friends…let the kids stay up late playing or riding bikes while the adults enjoy the gorgeous summer evening weather…

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    Our first day of school is Wednesday. Today we went to see Prince Caspian at the dollar movie theater.

    And tomorrow since Camp Rock comes out (basically HS Musical with different characters and different plot) we are having a Camp Rock party in the afternoon.

    Doesn’t quite fit with your audience but that’s what we’re doing.

    And I still have to buy socks and underwear. I’m doing that online- no more stores with 5 kids!

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    Hmmm, we went to see Prince Caspian at the cheap theater last night too! Our kids loved it, and so did we for the second time! I love running through the sprinklers. If we had something more than dirt, we would definitely do that too! Good luck and have fun!

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