My Vacuum Will Keep You Awake

We’ve been having issues with our vacuum for MONTHS, since like April. I’m SO tired of it today I finally threw in the towel. The guy that had tried to fix it said he’d give us a good deal on a new one. I took my 40 million pound Hoover Windtunnel in, and came out with this yellow deamon.

I honestly was just done, and I had always felt like this guy had been honest with us — so I hadn’t don’t TOO much research. Turns-out this guy’s a beaut. I’m really happy with my purchase. You can read more about it here. Some issues I worry about — it doesn’t have onboard tools (but he threw the attachments in, along with a few bags), I liked not having to buy bags with my windtunnel (but I didn’t like the dirt going all over whe I emptied it) and it is without bells and whistles — but our last one was FULL of bells and whistles and it got us nowhere fast. The guy says he never gets repairs on it, so hopefully that holds fast — because I was TIRED of visiting him with my broken vacuum.

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    Yay! I’m beginning to hate the bagless thing, myself. Very annoying to keep clean and I always get the dust in my mouth when I empty it.

    Enjoy your new yellow vacuum.

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