Squeezing the Last Bits

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Right now, I feel like I have a partially dry washcloth, and I’m just SQUEEZING it — trying to get the last bits of summer to come-out. We’re having a little get together with a few friends today. The Fall just isn’t my favorite time of year. I have a stressed husband, Conner always seems to have behavioral issues (at home, not at school) while he’s making the transition into school. Spencer is already bitter that preschool doesn’t start til’ well after Conner’s started. But, such is life little friend.

I am excited for uninterrupted Spencer time, as this is the last year that will happen. Next year, it’s off into the clutches of Kindergarten and all the fun that will afford us.

I am still working a lot during this time period, which is unusual. Ever since I went Per Diem, the fall has been my time to take it easy. Who knows though, my work likes to cancel me a lot — I might be more “off” than I’ had planned.

I think perhaps the fall is the largest reminder that you must drag yourself and your life on. Nothing stays the same. Instead of the cute Kindergartener that Conner is in my head, I have a smart 3rd grader who is ready to learn all new stuff. Instead of my baby, I have a preschooler. I can’t believe he’s that big and I remember thinking that Conner was SO big at that point. YEESH, what was I thinking?

Perhaps it’s the fact that I can’t sleep past 6:15 as of late — I’m getting overly emotional.

Of course, the excitement of new teachers and new friends.

That’s always nice.

Isn’t it?

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  1. says

    Fall is my favorite, and it has been all my life.

    However, since having kids and a school teacher for a husband…I do admit that the heightened stress does rain on my parade a tiny bit.

  2. says

    It’s Friday, did you find out who the teacher will be?

    I love Fall, but it’s true, once you have kids it takes on a whole different feeling.

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