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Awh, it’s that time of year again. Drew starts back to school (officially — since he’s been back for WEEKS of unpaid time already) tomorrow. With that, Conner’s room assignment will be posted on Friday.
I should just start stocking up on tums now.
Or should I?
Sometimes I feel like I’ve put too much love, attention and admiration into Conner’s teachers. Truth might be that I’d love ANY teacher. Frankly, I am fairly easily pleased by those who reach a minimum standard. True, he’s had amazing teachers, but what are the chance that if I had a different teacher one of those years, that I wouldn’t have similar feelings towards that teacher?
Anyway, I don’t feel the same trepidation as I have in years before in this area. However, talk to me on Friday. :)
Do you get anxious about teacher assignments? Should I take out stock in Tums since Spencer will be entering our public school system next year….

We also got Conner’s star testing results back. He got a look at them and immediately announced how advanced he was. I was quick to show him the different places that he’d missed answers. I don’t really get the whole star testing. Conner’s teacher could have easily told the state where he was last year. It is nice to see an impartial piece of paper say that he’s doing pretty well… but really not worth the $$ it costs the district!

In other news, our teachers are still working without a contract. That’s right, they haven’t had one since the 2006-2007 school year. Parents, it’s up to us to make this NOT OK. Our teachers deserve to have their contract settled. I would plan to see picketing, and teachers cutting back on their “off” hours when they often help students. Unless of course you have my husband — then he’ll be ignoring the union because he loves band so. Lucky us.

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    You know, I don’t get anxious about teachers much. I figure if once they are in the class, and my child isn’t doing well, I’ll see if we could use a switch. So far that hasn’t been an issue at all.

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