Thoughts Rambling through my head this Monday

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Ah, so many things wizzing through my head… seriously, it’s like those bike shows in the circus where all the guys are riding their bikes in that sphere…. :)
1. Mortgage. People, I think I may well be a sucker. However, my two confidants on the whole mortgage thing (my dad and my husband) have held me back. I’m so torn when I talk to someone — I feel like I just want to buy it from them, and right THEN. I almost locked on Friday but I didn’t. In the whole scope of things there’s not a huge rush (our other mortgage isn’t up til’ Feb.). My mortgage guy (who is big into the hard sell) said, “I can almost guarantee that rates will be higher on Monday). Shock of all shocks they’re down.
2. Olympics. Hello — love these. Love the relay, love the diving — really — it’s all so exciting. I’m not sure my DVR can take all the excitement. :) I think it’s most exciting to see our country rally behind ANYTHING. I feel like we’re so divided so much of the time, it’s exciting to see us back something.
3. Time to kick it up a notch. Drew’s back to school, time for me to kick this family’s backside and get things going again. I’m in charge of FHE tonight and I think I’m gonna do something around building our Zion. I’m also teaching that same lesson on Sunday — but it’s pure coincidence. :) Seems like we’re tearing down Zion a lot as of late {screaming heard in other room}.,
4. Dentist trip today. Spencer’s not so fond of sitting in the chair on his own. Will he be a big boy this time? Who knows….
5. Less computer. Now, I can blame last week’s issues on the mortgage guys, since I was at the computer comparing rates all the time. But I’m done with that. I’ll keep my finger on them — but the hours and HOURS of looking are over. Time to read a good book (btw, I have Breaking Dawn, but I’m waiting to read it until my life is in a little more order).
6. Hello fatty. I haven’t really gained weight lately, but it’s time to get back on the weight loss train. That’s SO much easier when you have a schedule and a normal life. I haven’t worked out a lot lately and I’ve noticed my tailbone’s been hurting and I’m more tired.
Go team.
Go team.

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  1. says

    I’m with you on schedules! This summer has been super crazy and I’m excited to get back to a little bit of normal.

    I too am working on losing weight, although I’m pretty sure I’m not as good and dedicated as you!!

    I also LOVE the olympics!!! Go USA!!!

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