Where does time go?

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Ok, now that baptism festivities are done it’s time to buckle down. I have lots of things on my plate (and working a lot more isn’t helping me — I’m off today and I’m feeling pretty darn happy about that).

  • I need to get a new mortgage. There, I said it. It’s a big worry of mine. We have to re-fi by next Feb. Have any of you re-fi’d lately? We have what used to be a jumbo loan, and it’s all very insane what all I have to think about when we do this. It’s gonna be big fun.
  • One of my old YW is getting married and I need help her out more with the wedding. Big story in the backscenes — but I haven’t been there for her like I should.
  • I need to throw our carbon monoxide monitor into a large rock. Seriously — this is #2 that has had a problem where the battery connections aren’t so great so it beeps all the time. This time it was like 2 am — and while it worked itself into my dream somehow, I finally did have to wake up and throw it into the garage (where it is still beeping as I type).
  • I have to switch our toys. Call me crazy (feel free) — although, Drew is home (mischievious hand wrangling).
  • I need to go to 2 grocery stores. One of them is having a big 50% off sale and I wish they would’ve listed their regular prices there, so I could decide if it truly was a good deal.

And that is all — I think. At least for now. Of course, there are plenty of other items to worry about on my backburner… Conner learning his times tables, Drew thinking about graduate school — you know, the usual. :)

OH, and let’s not forget what has happened to my scale. It’s obviously not working well lately. Of course, having the parents here and all that jazz might not have helped either. I’m gonna get on that bandwagon BIG time now!

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. Renee H says

    Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten the zucchini recipe. I had a yard sale this weekend, and whew it’s over. I will try to post it on Monday, and yes I had to find the wonderful recipe. It’s worth the wait.

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