Monday, September 29, 2008

Being Creative

Who went to Women's Conference? {church thing}
One of our General Authorities gave a talk on being creative.
That being creative is making something that has never before existed.
SO many women beat them selves up for not being creative. Personally, I think I'm very creative but not particularly crafty in the Mormon way. I'm not a table cloth or centerpiece gal. I don't tole paint and I don't sew unless it involves Halloween... or I suppose cheap baby presents.
But he pointed out that as a mom you create SO many things. Besides the fact you created their bodies (if they are your biological children). I love how he pointed out that family memories, times of laughter, family home evenings, good feelings -- are all being creative.
It was definately a pat on the back and a reminder that we need to keep creating.
Do you think the Mormon femi-nazis will find something wrong with this talk?
We'll just have to wait and see, I suppose. Until then I'm going to keep creating. :)


  1. I was blown away by President Uchtdorf's talk...I've never heard a talk about how creativity is God-like, but it makes complete sense. No wonder I feel such a sense of satisfaction when I create. I also loved his notion that creating doesn't have to be in the crafty sense. I do enjoy crafting, but I realized that I create in so many other ways and that it is a way for me to find happiness...since as he said, "As daughters of God, Happiness is our Heritage!"

    LOVED the broadcast...Sis. Beck's talk was awesome and I'm just hoping she doesn't get as much flack as last year.

    the whole night made me so grateful to be a member of a church that really knows what we as women do and truly supports us.

  2. What wouldn't those femi-nazia have a problem with? I was so disgusted w/their reaction last year, and the other stuff I read about them--like how they thought the temple ceremony needed changing--that I'm surprised they're still members.

    BTW, your scrapbooking and photography are definitely creative, too!

    I love conference. Now, if I could only remember to keep reading all the talks once the Ensign comes out. . .


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