Friday, September 19, 2008

Blah, blah, blog

Absolutely nothing to say today.
Not particularly loving my job as of late -- just some ugly days.
Drew took Conner to school today, I almost busted with the excitement -- SO nice not to have to make that drive. It happens two or 3 times/year.
Wondering if my cold will ever go away.
Wondering who on earth Spencer is talking to in his room right now.
I'm enjoying the cooling "fall" (as we have seasons here) temperatures.
Considering a nap here at 8:21 am.
Uh huh -- I bet you're glad you clicked on THIS blog today. :)



    Just kidding. I hope you're feeling better sooon!

  2. Thanks for your kind feedback on my blog. : )I'm (somewhat) 'at peace' with being a bit of a slacker from time to time. Think I have the most important stuff in place! Glad you had the morning off from school haul!


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